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More July SCUDs & Musical Chairs.

And again with the missiles. This time, it was fired off from the West Coast in Hwanghae Province, but in a rare showcase, they fired it off into the east coast. Northeastwards to be exact. Why? The following videos analysts say this is a message to South Korea, that they can reach pretty much anywhere on the Korean peninsula (not JUST the capitol) with their missiles:

This is in stark contrast to their charm offensive of sending cheerleaders to South Korea for the upcoming Asian Games:

The second video is nice fodder, but back to the first video. Some of the other things that were discussed were (Kim, Jong-un)‘s limp during the commemoration speech event:

What was the limp about? In short, no one really knows.

More worthy of note, is who’s sitting around (Kim, Jong-un). Usually many analysts will try to figure out, the placement and significance of all these people. (Choe, Ryong-Hae) was moved a couple spots away –possibly from allegations of his women and money/corruption problems. and (Jang, Jong-Nam), head of the Ministry of the People’s Armed Forces[MPAF] was missing. The analysts had mentioned that his absense doesn’t necessarily mean he was purged or has any negative issues, but that it also depends on the event. Since (Jang, Jong-Nam) is the head of the (Korean Peoples’ Army[KPA]), he wouldn’t necessarily need to be there, since the event held by the (Korean Worker’s Party [KWP]) –RIVALS!

Along similar lines, of who’s who on a seat or a list, 全 (Jon, Pyong-Ho), the former head of the KWP’s Munitions Industry Department, has passed away. Kim, Jong-un‘s aunt, , former KWP head of Light Industries, was not on the list of those attending or offering condolences, while (Hwang, Pyong-So)’s name popped up as #3 on the list. Possibly because she’s way too sick, and resting up in RyangGang Province, but that doesn’t explain how she was previously mentioned on other such lists and didn’t show up. So we should be able to say that she has been fully relieved of all her posts.

Reuters wrote up a very good “obituary” about Hwang:

Jon’s passing is unlikely to have any impact on the North’s weapons program because he had been retired from the frontlines and had passed his duties on to successors. However, he was still an influential figure.

“He was certainly so powerful that when he left office as WPK Secretary and Director of Munitions Industries in 2010, Kim Jong Il essentially split his old position in two,” said Michael Madden, an expert on the North’s leadership.

UPDATE: JULY 13, 2014
NKNews reports that North Korea fired off some SCUD-Cs. This time, from (Kaesong):[paid wall]

This is a first, and very strange, since the (Kaesong Industrial Complex), is held. This district is the pinnacle of the 햇볕 政, where South Korea had taken a softer approach towards the north, and symbolized North-South cooperation.

I agree with Mr. 甄燊港(Thomas Yan)‘s assessment, that this seemingly contradictory message of extending an olive branch, sending in a bunch of cute cheer leaders, while firing off a bunch of missiles as contradictory messages between peace and war, as a message that the DPRK is the one in control of peace and war. Not China, South Korea, Japan, the US, or Russia.

Choosing (Kaesong), might be a way of signaling that they are willing to shut down the Industrial Complex again, just like they did last time, if they don’t see a similar gesture of warming up to the North. Afterall, for all the DPRK’s fuss, Japan has already eased sanctions.

Missiles Set Up, Cheerleaders Knockem’ Down.


After firing missiles leading up to PRC President, 習서近근平평(Xi, Jin-Ping)’s visit to South Korea, everyone wasn’t happy. Then, after Xi left, North Korea said, “let’s send in the cheerleaders for the Asian Games!” And now everyone is happy, and it…