NEAT Podcast Alpha Episode 0.0012




  • China and South Korea get together to talk about North Korea denuclearization
  • Mobile Phones as Wedding Gifts
  • North Korea delegate gets asked, “Who’s your boss?”
  • South Korean group goes ahead and launches leaflets despite threats and protests from village locals
  • International Finance Watchdog warns about skirting sanctions
  • Logistics personelle are sent on leave back home to grab supplies.

NEAT Podcast Alpha Episode 0.0011


New equipment hasn’t arrived AFTER the podcast was recorded and edited, but we made due with what we had. It can only get better from here-on-forth!

UPDATE: October 25, 2014
Just realized the file wasn’t verified.

NEAT Podcast Alpha Episode 0.0010


Tons of crashes today, but new equipment is coming next week!

NEAT Podcast Alpha Episode 0.0009


No crashes today!

NEAT Podcast Alpha Episode 0.0008


A record number of crashes today. Not cool. Still sound like a robot. Need to stop “reading” and start speaking.