Cell Phone Coverage

Since there are over 1-million cell phone users in North Korea, and more and more of them are accessing the web on their phones

Really good article on what North Koreans are doing with their phones, but most importantly, which North Koreans are actually in possession of phones:

But due to North Korea’s extremely mountainous terrain a network distribution of only 13.8 percent of the country’s land mass still means 92.9 percent of all populated areas can receive a signal. Therefore, assuming that people in the countryside will never own or see a cell phone elects to ignore the published evidence and testimony of regular visitors to the DPRK.

Even if there are more subscribers in the cities than in rural areas, why should this be a surprising fact? North Korea is still a developing country, by its own admission. Like any other state, the wealth and strength of the economy centres on the larger urban areas and ports, with the capital, Pyongyang, as its focus. Towns [읍] are bigger than villages [리]. Towns and cities are usually capitals of counties and provinces. Covering just the provincial capitals with cell towers is therefore likely to reach most of the population.

So, when will Koryolink be listed as an option on opensignalmaps?


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