Cannons and Brokers!

Read this Korean article called “北거간꾼(중개인), 장마당을 대신하고 있다” (Northern Brokers [middle-men], are replacing the market)

As the article implies, there are many demands for random things, and apparently, these “brokers” have risen up to the occasion. In the midst of all the crackdowns on markets, brokers popped up to get goods to the North Korean consumer. With the sudden rise of cell phone use, some are finding the paperwork to open up a cell phone line too bothersome, and have hire brokers to open them up in their name. The phones set up for these lines are known as “cannon phones” –fascinating. I don’t know why they named it such. I just know in some Chinese circles, to describe someone who’s “all talk and no action”, or simply someone who just lies straight out of their ass, they’re described as having a 大砲 (cannon), because their mouths open up and make a lot of loud noise.

When you lie, you’re concealing the truth. When you’re buying a phone in someone else’s name, you must also be concealing some sort of truth.

Continuing on with the article, not only phones, but also construction materials are seeing the rise of brokers. These guys have formed an organized group, and are becoming a sort of “second market”, especially in areas where there are no markets.


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