Unha-9? Kwangmyongsong-21?

Yeah, that’s right! North Koreans have a dream!

Before, North Koreans used to bypass South Korea, and talk directly with the US to try to get an actual peace agreement between the two countries (while still spewing out anti-American propoganda to its people). I wonder, in some universe, if this were to happen, would they finally fulfill their dreams of being the successive state to Goguryeo, and start wars with China, since according to the late Kim, Jong-il:

“China is the country that has bullied us the most in history.”

UPDATE:February 7, 2013
Forgot to mention for those who are easily offended by copyright violations, that the North Koreans used Michael Jackson’s “We Are the World”, and some scene from one of the Call of Duty games:

Some people are shocked at North Korea’s blatant violation. Surprising indeed, from a country who used Disney characters in a show alongside with girls performing on stage wearing one-piece dresses. My suggestion? Get over it, and get even. It’s time to use scenes from a performance…


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