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In “Decaying Organizational Life“, I linked to an article that Mr. Lankov had written on using public self-criticisms, as a way to wash away ones sins, and in “Forever With Us” I linked to another article that basically described how the late leaders of North Korea never really left us, which allows everybody to perpetually continue their story on. Both tactics derive from Christianity, which Kim, Il-So’ng was brought up in. In the midst of the brouhaha over the Unha-9 video, the following is a very poignant observation:

…I wonder how images of traveling freely through space and across the globe are taken up by viewers whose access to travel is so heavily circumscribed. Perhaps they are supposed to feel “It is OK for us to be stuck here, because our rockets can go anywhere.” Space thus becomes a realm of freedom, a fantasy dream-space where institutional (in this case, national) loyalty and identity remains but rules and restrictions are suspended. Kinda like the Christian heaven.

People really don’t realize how entrenched Christian doctrine is in the DPRK’s society, and really affects the way they think.

UPDATE: September 9, 2013
Once again, Mr. Andrei Lankov provides a good article on the confusing relationship the officially atheist nation of North Korea has with religion, mentioning how North Korean Churches were set up in Pyongyang:


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