Deleting the Pain
NK News brings to our attention, the fact that there are tens of thousands of articles deleted from the KCNA database. I would have chalked this one up to internal error, until I saw this post, which clarified a few areas:

For example, searching for anything about nuclear weapons, or the United States, or Barack Obama will turn up absolutely nothing. All of the boisterous statements delivered through the KCNA when North Korea threatened to bomb U.S. shores this year? Gone.

Just before North Korea executed Kim’s uncle, Jang Song Thaek, mentions of his name were scrubbed from the news agency’s archives. That scrubbing was a clue about what was to come…

It wasn’t just one news outlet, there were several. Granted, news is very much the game of the central government, and my thought was, some guy accidentally pushed the wrong button, but that can’t be the case for several agencies.

Assuming 장성택(Chang Song Thaek)’s purge is a direct cause of this, the blocked keywords are interesting. Although, this article from KCNA
does contain one of the blocked words mentioned. So the keywords are somewhat important, but more important is the date. What’s so special about October, and what are they trying to forget before that? As noted by the NKNews article, the Brilliant Leader‘s New Year’s Address.

Stephen Shiu and his crew believe Chang was purged, because he wanted to maintain the 先(“Military First”) policy, while Kim, Jong-Un wanted to push forward with the 並 (“Simultaenous development”) policy of developing both the economy and nuclear weapons, is a resurrection of what his grandfather Kim, Il-Sung had proposed –although with some differences. I highly doubt that the schism between the two lie in some sort of diametric relationship of support over the two ideologies. I personally disagree with Mr. Shiu, and think that the resurrection of 並 is an ingenious PR strategy. Just like his father who somehow dug up 先, and used selective quotes to carve out his own way of running things, now Kim, Jong-un is using his grandfather’s 並, and doing the same thing. It works too, because these are all references that revere Kim, Il-Sung. Remember the “苦의 行(Arduous March)”? We all know it as a period in the 1990s, where every was starving to death. The term itself comes from Kim, Il-Sung’s strategic retreat into Manchuria while fighting against the Japanese.

Anyways, remember that “February 29th Deal”? The one where a deal to suspend nuclear missile tests for food, and then it was followed by none other than another missile peaceful-satellite-used-for-“stuff” launch? Yeah, the deal where the left hand (negotiating for food) wasn’t talking to the right (declaring a launch). DPRK Vice Foreign Minister 김계관 (Kim, Kye-Gwan), was the guy talking to Glyn Davies for the deal, before it was shuttled with a “satellite” launch. He showed up again a couple of months ago to meet up with the Chinese State Councilor, but before that, Vice Marshall 최룡해(Choe, Ryong Hae) visited with Chinese leaders this past May. A martial official, followed by a civil official. As the Chinese would say, this would help solidify Sino-DPRK relations as「文武雙成」(“Possessing civil and military aspects” roughly translated). Choe was previously demoted, but was re-promoted some time before the end of the year.

I’m going to go out on a limb here, and say that Kim, Jong-un wasn’t happy about shuttling the deal with the US. So he demoted Choe, and then by the time they were gearing up for the year-end missile launch, Choe had “realigned” himself, and Kim gave him another chance. What I’m saying is, Choe might have been with Chang at first, and a food deal with the US meant it would affect smuggling and trade deals they already had with enterprises in China (which may either be private, or somehow connected with state-owned enterprises). So it was sabotaged.

Chang’s visit to China in August 2012 was probably to assure the Chinese of his continuing business activities. Thus Choe, as the guy who was used to be under Chang, but now fully under Kim, Jong-un, made his visit in May 2013, as a way to assure that their business, as the Chinese would like to have it, is still good business, strictly. So maybe he didn’t outright say it, but he must have already implied Chang would have less involvement in government affairs.

Does any of this make your head hurt? If it does, that’s probably why the government wants you to forget about it. In fact, why don’t you take a pill that causes amnesia, and wash it down using your tears that are flowing from the memorial of the late Kim, Jong-il

Then chase it down with some promises of loyalty to Kim, Jongun:


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