DPRK Ambassador to England Interviewed

Mr. 현학봉 (Hyon, Hak-Bong), the DPRK Ambassador to England, gives his interview to Sky News:

I like it when the reporter asks the Ambassador about the re-union of war-torn families (이산가족분산), saying how the South initiated the calls for it, but the Ambassador refutes that, and says that the DPRK called for it. It’s much more complicated than that. Let’s just say they both asked for it and called it off several times, over the past few years.

Notice how he almost laughs when the interviewer asks if (Chang, Song-Thaek) was killed by dogs. I always thought this rumor was pretty ridiculous, because anyone who has escaped North Korea and gone through China says that they’re “astonished that the dogs in China eat better than people in North Korea”. What makes you think there would be dogs that are trained specifically to kill?


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