Phoenix TV’s “Royally Grand Broadcast”: Unveiling the Iron Curtain: The Secrets of the DPRK’s Rason Special Economic Zone”

In order to travel to North Korea, you either have to be a business man with some quasi-legal ways of jumping through your country’s loopholes (countries like the US have it the worst, while countries like Russia and China have to jump through less loopholes), or save enough money to go with a travel company like Koryo Tours or Young Pioneer Tours. Then, you can also work for the government and get stationed there, or a non-profit company that deals strictly with North Korea.

Then, for the rest of us, our only chance to see what goes on in North Korea is through documentaries:

This is a very good introduction. Showing you

  1. Brief history of Rajin-sonbong’s development.
  2. What products are shipped from the port, and where they go.
  3. What countries are involved in Rason (Russia, China are obvious. But other places like Singapore were interesting)
  4. Hip-swinging Moran-bong Band in High-definition.

Also interesting to note is the Chinese comments on agriculture in the area. He doesn’t exactly come out and blame anyone, but he says, “Because of North Korea’s Songun ideology, it concentrates more on industry and the military. Agriculture is left behind.” Very well-put (in a politically-mild manner).


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