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N.E.A.T. (동북아경/東北亞經)FORMAT:
Legal ID
조선신보 reports on "popular makeup"
2 NKs defect
Bowing to Pressure, changes made to American Movie
Chinese oil export embargoes aren't leading to NK slowdown
3 shots fired before Pope's arrival
SEGMENT 1: ❮선군!❯
한미, UFG연습 18일 시작…북 "핵전쟁 선전포고" 반발
Korea threatens 'merciless attacks' to counter South Korea-U.S. joint military drill
...US State Dept. briefing, August 18, 2014 (on threats made by North Korea)
...UFG연습에 "침략자 본거지 영구초토화" 재차 위협
First Photos of UFG 2014
북, 동해상 에단거 리발사체 3발 발사
...North Korea Fires Rockets Before Pope’s Arrival in Seoul
...북, 교황 방한일에 무력시위?...방사포 5발 발사
...North Korea Blames Pope for Arriving As Rockets Fired
...北, 방사포 발사에 이어 화환 전달?…화전양면 태도
...Park urges N. Korea to abandon its nuclear programs
...Korea denounces Park's Liberation Day proposals as unworthy
...Korea threatens 'merciless attacks' to counter South Korea-U.S. joint military drill
Park Cautions Against Complacency In Annual Drills
Korea Joins Russian Arms Expo Despite Sanctions
SEGMENT 2: ❮39호실에서의 전망 (경제)❯
The (non-) Embargo
Japan imposes asset freeze on North Korean shipping firm
Residents Indifferent to 5000 KPW Swap
Rice prices starting to increase…
AmeriCares sends aid to the DPRK,
Announces more economic development zones
...Sinuiju SEZ renamed
"개성-평양 고속도로 보수 검토…고위급 대화 정례화"
라선시서 열린 '국제상품전시회'
Australian government finds “abandoned” Funds.
U.S. movie 'The Interview' to undergo editing after N.K. protests: reports
How terrorism works: N. Korea uses Japanese hostages to censor “The Interview”
Five Best Korean Films
Why is the Flow of Information so Threatening to the North Korean Regime?
KCTV Updates News Introduction
...Has the North Korean state media grown a heart?
One of the Few Examples of Potentially Effectively Engagement By Foreign Governments
"말을 해도 평양문화어로 말하라" 도덕문명 강조
SEGMENT ❮영도 관찰❯
KJUs Three Years In Power, and What Lies AheadEnglish:; 한국말:
"'과학자휴양소', 黨창건일까지 올려라" 독려
...평남 '과학자휴양소' 건설현장 방문
Field Guidance in August Focuses Mainly on Economic Sectors
Looking at Heart Biscuits
SEGMENT ❮娚踣關係❯
주민 2명, 강화 교동도로 헤업쳐 귀순,
정부¸ 남북고위급접촉 제의 (8월 셋째 주간뉴스)
...북, 고위급접촉 제의 묵묵부답...화환 발송 이유는?
...N.K. to send wreath on 5th anniversary of late President Kim Dae-jung's death
...S. Koreans to visit N. Korea to mark death of President Kim Dae-jung
DJ 서거 5주기 화환 전달…박지원·임동원 등 訪北
...김양건 "核거론 8·15제안, 실현 가능성 의구심"
DPRK tightens entry rules in Kaesong factory park
Why Korea’s factory workers love going to work
北, 인천AG 참가엔트리 제출…선수 150명 등 총 352명
...인천 AG에 350여 명 참가 신청
...아시안게임에 352명 참가 신청
...The next visit of Pope Francis
대표단, 인천AG 조추첨 위해 19일 밤 입국
제69주년 광복절 다양한 행사 열려…北의 8·15는?
...백범 김구¸ 미완의 소원!
Korean Refugees in China: Sometimes it’s Better to be Lucky than Good
Family of Canadian couple detained by China hires Beijing lawyers
고려인 자동차 랠리팀, MDL 넘어 한반도 관통
...Russia Launches Yet Another Initiative to Stabilize Korean Peninsula
...Russia-Korea 2014 International Rally to Enter N. Korea Friday
Peter Hahn speaks out about China freezing his accounts and investigating him …
Human beings chained to one another for life: the N.Korean guarantor system
SEGMENT ❮다른 것들❯
최근 북한 주민에게 인기있는 화장품?
...북한 장마당서 韓화장품 최고 인기…중국産 안팔려
South Korea’s Protestants Struggle as Catholics Grab Spotlight
Korea’s Self-Made Christians Get Their Moment
...A Brief History of the Catholic Church in Korea
...South Korea’s Protesting Priests
South Korea, China React to Yasukuni Visits
Sakaiminato mayor to visit North Korea

Last time, we learned about timing when to read the articles, and get the release out on time. This time, it’s a matter of preparing the right notes for the correct medium, and organizing the articles in a coherent way. Also need to make sure if events are only covered weekly, to constantly keep an eye out for tense.


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