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  • PUST graduates another batch of students!
  • Russia will not repatriate defectors.
  • The beautiful sister of the Supreme Leader has a high position in the government.
  • North Korean points out more US hypocrisy.
  • North Korea is building a new coal-powered plant in Pyongyang.
  • Are they backtracking on threats?

Curtis Melvin, of NKEconWatch fame wrote a piece for 38North on North Korea’s power grid, and how this new coal powerplant in Pyongyang may make rolling blackouts a thing of the past –for Pyongyang at least.
So, aside from farming rented out farms in Russia, building monuments in Africa, serving in all sorts of labor roles in China, North Korean workers can also be found in Malaysia as well. Best of all, they’re all legally there!
State media, Naenara’s Tumblr blog has a picture of an LED factory. You can check out the link in our shownotes.
Back in May, in a rare public admission of a construction disaster, causing a public building to collapse, we didn’t hear much about the site after that. Apparently however, a new building is already up at the very location of the collapse.
Last week, we mentioned a German U-Bahn cart reaching North Korea, and converted for use there. Apparently, James Pearson then found some more information on how that happened. Check out the link to PyongYang Metro.
Rice prices have skyrocketed, according to the magazine 림진강 (臨津江). It’s high enough, that some people have resorted to eating “potato rumps”, and even then, there are families that still can’t afford that. Read the full details, and take a look at the pictures of border markets at their website, the link is in our shownotes.

So what do you do when a bunch of Western Nations lead the charge in approving a bill to try your leadership for Humans Rights violations? Get back at the biggest symbol of Western domination, the US! How? Talk about how they’re abusing people in Ferguson, MO, and how the US government is conducting cyber warfare on its own people. So much for the moral high ground… However, if they were serious about this, they would have gotten into the topic of prison reform. Not going there, eh? North Korea?
Another way of highlighting America’s hypocrisy on Human Rights, is to point out the ShinChon massacre. Brother and sister 김정은 (金正恩/Kim, Jong-un)‘s younger sister 김여정 (金與正/Kim Yo-jong) made an appearance at the museum dedicated to the massacre. The Shinchon massacre, was an event where US soldiers slaughtered Korean civilians. It is the Korean War equivalent to the Vietnam War’s My Lai massacre. However, evidence against the Americans at Shinchon isn’t as strong as My Lai, hence hence referenced equivalence to My Lai, as opposed to the other way around.

State media has confirmed that 김여정 is the Vice director of the Korean Worker’s Party! She’s seen as a sort of “김경희 (金敬姬/Kim, Kyong-Hui) 2.0″, the royal kim sister who helps her Supreme Leader brother!
…This seems fitting, as the late 김경희 hasn’t been heard from in a while. Some say she’s on sick leave in Russia, some say she’s just hiding, but a recent defector testimony has said that she has committed suicide. The possible silence on this issue may be due to the fact that upon the execution of her 장성택 (張成澤/Chang, Song-Thaek), she actually cursed him (김정은). So when she committed suicide, they decided to keep it quiet, and keep her burial unannounced.
Here’s a picture of 김정은 looking at a swan boat.

하태경, a South Korean legislator, sent a letter to the Russian government, and got a response via the Russian Embassy in Seoul. Despite Russia’s recent cozying up with North Korea, the letter said the Russian government would NOT return any escapees to North Korea at all, and will follow the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNCHR) procedures, allowing refugees to go to any country they choose (as long as that country is willing to accept them).
Last week, we mentioned the son of an aide to the late 장성택 went missing. This was mainly through South Korea’s Yonhap news agency. Now, the British have picked up on it as well. The story was also picked up by French media that day.
Sheila Smith does a really good job at analyzing Pyongyang’s recent rekindling of relations with Japan. There seem to be a lot more risks for the Japanese, and if the North Koreans can’t deliver on the results the Japanese want, it may not go good for them. For North Korea, economically, they could just continue to rely on Russia, while seeking out another nation to balance things out economically. But having another nation like Japan can’t hurt either.
Here’s to looking at the brighter side of life: 강진미 wrote a piece for NKNews on how after the famine, where millions had starved to death, life actually got better. When the government was so incompetent, and got out of peoples’ ways of doing things, the people actually had more choices. The things you learn! You can read more about it at NKNews, and best of all this series is normally not behind their paid wall, the link is in our shownotes.
On Wednesday, November 28, South Korea had returned 10 North Korean fishermen back to the North, upon their request. Their boat had drifted far south to an uninhabited island close to Dokdo.

The PyongYang University of Science and Technology, has just graduated their second batch of students. Some will continue onto their new Graduate program, others will head onto other universities to continue their studies, and others will find work (the latter two groups will most likely wish they could have stayed).
NorthKoreaTech reports that a new model of the Arirang smartphone has just come out. I think it’s interesting, in that it lets you take two SIM cards, as opposed to just one. I’ve only seen this in older phones before smartphones were a thing in Hong Kong. This makes it so that you can get coverage in two areas with different companies, rather than getting dropped calls.
Kyungnam University’s Institute for Far Eastern Studies (IFES) and the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars (WWICS), will be in DC on December 5 to talk about issues going on at the peninsula. Sign up to attend, you can find more information on the Wilson Center’s website. The link is in our shownotes.

Show Notes

N.E.A.T. (동북아경/東北亞經)FORMAT:
Legal ID
PUST holds second graduation ceremony
Ha Tae Kyung: 'Russia Committed to Prevent Repatriations to NK'
NK Leader's Sister Serves as Vice Director of Workers' Party: KCNA
North Korea Goes on Anti-U.S. Propaganda Binge After Human Rights Censure
DPRK Building New Coal-Powered Plant in Pyongyang
Is North Korea Backtracking on Threat of Nuclear Test?
SEGMENT 1: ❮선군!❯
Is North Korea Backtracking on Threat of Nuclear Test?
China's Envoy Opposes Possible THAAD Deployment in S. Korea: Lawmaker
SEGMENT 2: ❮39호실에서의 전망 (경제)❯
DPRK Building New Coal-Powered Plant in Pyongyang
North Koreans are needed to do the dangerous jobs, says Malaysia
Price of Rice in North Korea Soars as Rural Dwellers Prepare for Winter
North Korea Goes on Anti-U.S. Propaganda Binge After Human Rights Censure
SEGMENT ❮영도 관찰❯
NK Leader's Sister Serves as Vice Director of Workers' Party: KCNA
Defector: Kim Jong Un’s Aunt Killed Herself Last Year
Looking At a Swan Boat
SEGMENT ❮娚踣關係❯
Ha Tae Kyung: 'Russia Committed to Prevent Repatriations to NK'

Reading Pyongyang’s Intentions with Japan
How the Famine Helped Improve Our Choices in North Korea
S. Korea Returns 10 N. Korean Fishermen TRANSITION
SEGMENT ❮다른 것들❯
PUST holds second graduation ceremony
New Arirang Smartphone Caught On Camera
2014 IFES-WWICS Washington Forum on Korea

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