Japanese Meet with North Koreans in ChangChun, China

Many people initially speculated that the meeting between North Korea and Japan was to discuss the ongoing issue of Japanese abductees, as this has been one of the major obstacles between DPRK-Japanese relations, because they met with 中井洽(Nakai Hiroshi) was in charge of dealing with the Abductee issue. But upon further scrutiny, it turns out, that wasn’t even the core issue. What was discussed was the seizure of 조총련‘s main building and assets in Japan, due to financial scandals. 조총련, is an organization which backs North Korea, giving North Korean-style education from K-12 to ethnic Koreans, and acts as the de facto Embassy in Japan.

Some people speculate that this is due to Japan’s intent to normalize relations with North Korea. My question is, why meet in China? Kim Kye-Kwan (North Korea’s Deputy Foreign Minister) was already discussing denuclearization issues in the US. I guess this both of these incidents are stepping stones to getting back to the 6-party Talks?


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