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North Korea has a policy of 선군, or “Military-First”, so we’re putting military-related stories first!

On Monday, August 31st, South Korean forces showed off a range of its weapons to its own citizens. Some believe this specifically is a show of force to North Korea, but the event was planned well in advance, and is typically used as a recruitment tool for their military.
After tensions between the two Koreas subsided, South Korean 박근혜 (朴槿惠/Park, Geun-Hye)‘s approval rating jumped by 15 percentage points, to 49%.
Earlier today, it was revealed that during talks to ease tensions, North Korea had flown drones across the 비무장지대 (非武裝地帶/DeMilitarized Zone [DMZ]), and their operations were unobstructed. In other words, this time, they didn’t crash into the ground, meaning their technology has improved.

“How’s the view from Room 39?” The economic performance sure looks different on the ground:

North Korean debit cards like 나래, 고려 bank card, have been available for about 12 years or so. Now, there’s a new debit card out called ChonSong, and if you’re in the 라진 (羅津 — Rajin) area, you can use the 선봉 debit card issued by a local bank. This shows that debit card use is spreading more and more in the country.
Since 2010, China has been working on a highspeed rail link to connect China and North Korea. It starts in 瀋陽 (심양/ShenYang) and will end up in 丹東 (단동/DanDong), before connecting to North Korea.
A Singapore firm will be putting up a structure in 평양 (平壤/Pyongyang). This means if everything else collapses in the capitol, this one should hopefully stay put.
Joking aside, Choson Exchange looks at how urban areas can be developed. You have low-rise buildings built in the 60s and 70s, followed by a series of recent high-rise public housing. So how do you coordinate this with the right facilities to match what people need? It turns out every neighborhood has a committee that is in charge of what projects they would like in their community.
Netflix may be trying to rid itself of its old DVD-delivering rental business, but it may want to consider pushing the government to allow it to operate in North Korea, where DVDs are still a big thing. There are even shops that sell DVDs as a money-maker along with other items, like ice cream. I also hear their exclusive to the movie “The Interview” may do quite well there, since it’s also about North Korea.

요! Here’s the 411 on North Korea’s propaganda and information flow!

Leonid Petrov takes a crack at North Korean media statements of “one-million” youth vowing to enlist in the military to protect their nation. You wouldn’t find that with millenials in any other nation. In a vacuum of lack of information, what else can they do though? However, these people may also be the prime population that may change things in the nation.

Do you know where the Supreme Leader might be? [(PAWStamp) “A CLUE! A CLUE!”]

Earlier today, 최룡해 (崔龍海/Choe, Ryong-hae) arrived in 北京(북경/BeiJing) to attend their military celebration over the 70th anniversary of Japan’s surrender in China.

Now, we’ll get to North-South relations, reunification issues, life in North Korea, & refugee matters.

Both Koreas have decided to come together next week on September 7th, to discuss how to hold meetings for the 이산 가족 (divided families of the Korean War).
Stephen Haggard traces the previous statements of “regrets” North Korea has given in the past, and actually says, that this time, the fact that the full statement of regret is read aloud, is unprecedented, and shouldn’t be dismissed quickly.
North Korea is very much aware of the South Korean media describing their “regret” over the landmines that killed the two South Korean soldiers, as an apology. So much so, that they felt compelled to come out and say that it wasn’t. The apology was a precondition to cool tensions down.
NK News has an article describing how Shamanism has spread in North Korea, after the famine of the 1990s.
According to DailyNK, sources in North Korea report that 400 prisoners were pardoned and released on August 15th (in commemoration of their independence from Japan), and more pardons are expected in the upcoming celebration of the founding of the 조선로동당 (朝鮮勞動黨/ Korean Workers Party [KWP]) on October 10.

This is our final segment. A hodgepodge of stories we didn’t know where to put, like this one:

Late founder of the 세계평화통일가정연합 (世界平和統一家庭聯合/Unification Church) (a.k.a. the “Moonies”) 문선명 (文鮮明/Moon, Sun-Myung), died in September 2012. However, NK News reports that his widow had received a letter of condolence from 김정은
Stephen Haggard paid his tributes to Sharon Perry, who recently passed away. She was an epidermiologist involved with the Stanford-North Korea Tuberculosis Diagnostics Project.

Show Notes

N.E.A.T. (동북아경/東北亞經)FORMAT:
Legal ID
N.Korean leader sends condolence letter to Moon’s family
Two Koreas agree to talks on separated families
N. Korea's Choe Ryong-hae arrives in Beijing for military parade
Brainwashed Youth of North Korea
Use of Electronic Payment Cards Expands in North Korea
U.S., South Korea display overwhelming firepower during exercise
SEGMENT 1: ❮선군!❯
U.S., South Korea display overwhelming firepower during exercise
Ending standoff with North Korea boosts South’s President Park
박근혜 (朴槿惠/Park, Geun-Hye)
N. Korean drone flew across DMZ amid August tension: military
비무장지대 (非武裝地帶/DeMilitarized Zone [DMZ])
SEGMENT 2: ❮39호실에서의 전망 (경제)❯
Use of Electronic Payment Cards Expands in North Korea
라진 (羅津 -- Rajin)
China to open high-speed rail link to North Korean border
Singapore firm building major new commercial building in N. Korea
평양 (平壤/Pyongyang)
Urban Development in North Korea - A Rosy Future?
Kiosks selling everything from DVDs to ice cream have become...
Brainwashed Youth of North Korea
SEGMENT ❮영도 관찰❯
N. Korea's Choe Ryong-hae arrives in Beijing for military parade
최룡해 (崔龍海/Choe, Ryong-hae)
SEGMENT ❮娚踣關係❯
Two Koreas agree to talks on separated families
Tensions Update V: Aftermath
Regret doesn’t mean apology: N. Korean statement
Shamanism spreading in N.Korea since ’90s famine: Defector
“北, 평남 양덕교화소 수감자 400명 1차 대사령 실시”
조선로동당 (朝鮮勞動黨/ Korean Workers Party [KWP])
SEGMENT ❮다른 것들❯
N.Korean leader sends condolence letter to Moon’s family
세계평화통일가정연합 (世界平和統一家庭聯合/Unification Church)
문선명 (文鮮明/Moon, Sun-Myung)
Sharon Perry, 1949-2015

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