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“‘Severely Punish Those Behind the Lecturer Murder Incident’ Orders Kim Jong-un”

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Changchun, China = Correspondent Yi Beom Gi| 2011-08-05 5:31p.m.

Kim Jong-un has issued an order to a high degree of punishment on the 5th, for those involved with last month’s “Kim Il Sung Political University Lecturer Murder Incident” involved high-intensity punishment for five days was said to be directed.

According to sources, North Korean authorities have declared those that hindered the Local People’s Assembly Elections on the 24th of last month, as espionage and dissension, while the investigation has expanded to the entire RyangGang region.

Especially since Kim Jong-un is expected take control of the inspections along the borderline regions some time in the first half of next year, it is expected that he will take overall control of the investigation, and intensify monitoring, inspections, and control of the border regions, starting with RyangGang Province.

Sources from RyangGang Province said, “The investigation period will be extended until the 15th. The Young Captain (Kim Jong-Un)’s Orders have been passed down to prosecution agencies, saying that everyone involved with the ‘Lecturer Murder Case’ should be apprehended and severely dealt with.”

According to sources, shortly after the murder happened, cadres dispatched from the central prosecution agency, are heading up the special investigative team. Members dispatched from the National Security Ministry and Security Commands have so far arrested 78 people and put 71 people on a wanted notice. Among the 78 people arrested, 32 have been sent to detention camps, while 46 are awaiting pre-trial.

When you look at the over 100 people that have been given a sentence, rather than having a direct relation to the murder incident, it’s clear that they helped smuggle refugees, and were caught under the intensified inspections. In fact, the majority of people are under arrest or on the run are families of defectors or their brokers, Errand Boys (Those delivering news across the border).

Investigators reported these results on the 26th to Central Authorities, and immediately following this Kim Jong-Un passed his orders down, ‘We will severely deal with the 71 apprehended fugitives and nip them in the bud” said sources.

Sources say, “Authorities have declared that ‘Those spies and dissidents who have hindered the local elections have committed a crime’.”

The investigation has spread throughout all of Ryanggang Province, and while inspections are intensifying, complaints there are more and more complaints, sources said. Investigations on the line if the right 71 people are estimated to have crossed the border, which is responsible for the investigation between Bowie and safety won the “How japneunya” the news that the complaints are growing.

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