Defectors Landed in Japan

A family of nine rode on a boat, that floated all the way to Wajima, Japan from the North Korea, and didn’t want to go back. Now, on the 14th, they took a helicopter to an airport for a flight to South Korea. This is definately not the typical route most people take, crossing the Yalu, into China, and either charging their way through an embassy, or escaping all the way to Southeast Asia, where there are South Korean NGOs well-established there to receive them.

UPDATE September 17, 2011:

  1. Family had money, but didn’t see a future in the North.
  2. The one that headed the escape effort was in the North Korean Army. His rank and unit were not identified.

Both articles site NHK, yet I haven’t found any articles on NHK online with any specifics.


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