DPRK and US Diplomats in Geneva (October 2011)

When I read this American article…
…talking about all sorts of progress in dialogue between the two nations, with Stephen Bosworth making statements like:

“There’s a long history to this relationship and we have many differences, not all of which can be overcome quickly. I am confident that with continued effort on both sides, we can reach a reasonable basis of departure for formal negotiations for a return to the six-party process,”

It actually sounded like we were getting somewhere with North Korea. Add this on top of the news that the US will pull out of Afghanistan, it almosts sounds like peace will come to earth.

That is, until you read all of the anti-North Korea, DailyNK articles on the same subject:
America: “Couldn’t Find Breakthrough With North Korean Diplomatic Talks”
2nd US-DPRK Dialogues End… Can’t get pass the UEP (Uranium Enrichment Program) Threshold”

And then you think about all the various Kim, Jong-il and Muammar Gaddafi comparisons, you are then reminded that Gaddafi destroyed his own weapons of mass destruction, in return for guarantees for his regime, yet the US still helped other nations in bringing him down anyways. North Korea isn’t blind to this.

Makes me doubt anything meaningful will come between these two nations. At least not now, it seems too early.


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