Recent Pyongyang Luxuries

B.B. Cream:

Cell phone use:

That’s right! Girls with any bit of money are going around asking people to help them purchase facial creams. Then, they’re probably one of the 809,000 people with cell phones in North Korea, who are talking about the wonders of this new cream.

Probably something like, “OMG! I wonder if Cho, Myung-Ae uses this cream, to keep her skin so silky smooth?…”

“…BTW, did you take your kid to get his Hep B shots?”

UPDATE November 22, 2011
I forgot to mention that iPads are also popular nowadays, and some of the 3G subscriptions might be adding to the numbers of people with cell phone data plans IN THE FUTURE.

UPDATE November 27, 2011
Now, you can catch 로동신문 on your cell phone too!


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