KaeSong Chocopies Flying Like Hot Cakes!

Or Not?

Apparently, there’s some of journalistic integrity on the part of the Daily Telegraph.

The Daily Telegraph article explained, “The chocolate-coated biscuit and marshmallow snacks are made by Orion Confectionery in South Korea, where they sell for around 300 won (16p) each, but are a much sought-after luxury in the impoverished North. On the black market, according to the Asahi newspaper, single Choco-Pies are reportedly changing hands for as much as $10 (£6.40).”

However, while Choco-Pies are indeed a popular product in North Korea, the Telegraph claim is an exaggeration. In North Korea, one US Dollar currently trades on the black market for around 3,800 won, making it only marginally more expensive than a kilo of rice at the time of writing. Therefore, if one Choco-Pie were selling for $10, then that would be the equivalent of 38,000 won, or enough to buy 10kg of rice.

Japanese article cited:





Mr 牧野愛博! Look at what you’ve done!

Oh well, now we know they’re only going for a dollar each. OK. Now I’m thinking: Why are we worried about monitoring 300tons of flour? We should be monitoring choco-pies!


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