Stories of Fakes and Imposters, and Impersonators

There’s a Japanese 80-year-old from Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan, who was caught trying to obtain fake US supernotes, and released last April. His two other accomplices, are still in Pyongyang, under charges of trying to sell drugs.

According to the Hokkaido police and other sources, the three entered North Korea on March 14 with the help of a company employee at a fisheries company based in Rason, North Korea.

The next day, they received fake 100 dollars bills in a paper bag together with a small amount of drugs from two men introduced by the man at a Rason hotel. When the Japanese company executive was holding bills up to a light to check their quality, North Korean police stepped into the room and arrested them, according to the Hokkaido police.

The three developed the plan with An via international calls and took about 7 million yen and 50,000 dollars in cash to North Korea to finance their deal. They planned to buy fake U.S. bills and bring them back to Japan in shrimp cans, according to the police.

The FBI would be proud of North Korean police, for helping them catch these two men trying to smuggle counterfeit supernotes into Japan. What happens to the 7 million yen, and $50,000 USD, or even why North Korea would even be in posession of supernotes, is a separate issue.

In other news:

Once KJU officially came to power, cell phones along the PRC-DPRK border didn’t work.
Many traders would have lots of trouble smuggling things across the border as a result. Now, I don’t know how cell phone signals get transmitted, or how signals get blocked, but I wonder how wide the Yalu River is? Because wouldn’t jammers also affect people over in China as well? How would the DailyNK receive their news from China, like how 3 defectors were shot along the PRC-DPRK border. I wonder how many people in China called up HuaWei to complain about dropped calls and busy tones?

“S. Korean activist flies to Italy after illegal condolence visit to N. Korea”
Thanks to South Korea’s National Security Law, it is forbidden for South Korean citizens to travel to North Korea without special permission from the government. Now, 황혜로(Hwang Hye-ro), is now on the run, after illegaly visiting North Korea. Probably going to go through some plastic surgery, just as been rumored by the following person…

KJU’s “Imitation Strategy”
Things like KJU’s visit to the 105 Tank Division, is simply copying his dad, with his 1995 visit. This isn’t anything new, considering how Kim, Jong-Il invoked his dad throughout his career. Plus, there are only so many revolutionary sites you can visit in North Korea.

Since this was something expected, and isn’t anything new, I propose we continue with the theme of the title, and imitate KJU’s signatures instead, and stamp some awesome legislation and executive orders. Look at these examples and practice:

Or, maybe someone can use KJI’s signature, and possibly reroute some of that cognac shipment somewhere else? Hm…

UPDATE January 4, 2012
Notice how similar KJU’s signature is to KJI’s

UPDATE January 7, 2012

Notice what’s on the assembly line, and how big some of the parts are on the board. Then compare them to the laptop. Read more from the original article here:

UPDATE April 24, 2012
NKDaily is quoting a Japanese News source, in claiming that a new missile the NK presented in a recent military parade as being fake:
Or is it???


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