Random News, January 4, 2011

It is often amusing to be a North Korea specialist. Most of the time, the international community ignores this tiny, if interesting and unusual country. But once or twice a year, North Korea suddenly finds itself on the front pages of all the world’s newspapers – only to slip back into obscurity a few days later.

Sounds like most of my career has been like this too. Hm…

In any case, onto a little known fact:

It has been confirmed that North Korea worked with Texas Medical Center in Houston on treatment for Kim Jong Il following his stroke in August, 2008…

And in other news:
Possibly in an effort to distance themselves even further from Japan, North Korea is criticizing Japan, not being sincere during Kim, Jong-il’s wake and funeral, but then of course, it also criticized South Korea too. Maybe the British will have better luck dealing with North Korea. Afterall, the day after Christmas, [just a little over a week after Kim, Jong-Il’s passing], “Bend it Like Beckham” was shown on state TV. How could I have missed it? All I get is something that looks like this:

At least give me a trailer!


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