Alive and Monitored

Kim, Hyon-Hee’s Family is Not in Jail

Whenever you see these new commercials, it’s hard to think about Kim, Hyon-Hee, the famous North Korean who hijacked KAL flight 858, in 1987. She was caught alive, and eventually switched sides to the South, marrying her bodyguard.

All the while, it was thought that her conversion to the South/betrayal to the North, meant that her family was all put into jail. Through contacts of the family who have eventually found their way to the South, the family not only avoided jail, but instead was forced to move from Pyongyang‘s So’-So’ng District, to Chongjin‘s Ch’o’ng-Am District, North Hamkyong Province, but are being constantly monitored. Sadly, that meant that her younger brother had to stop his education at the Foreign Language College, and whatever jobs their families held, to move to Chongjin.

According to this defector (alias Choi, Hyo’n-So’ng), her father (at the time of the hijacking, was a North Korean Trade Representative in Angola) died of an illness 3 years ago, and that her older sister has also passed away. Her mother has become so weak, that she cannot go outside frequently, and mostly stays home. Her younger brother works at a factory and takes care of her. Since he quit his school, and with his family background now tarnished, it was hard for him to find a job. However, he eventually found a job as a laborer, and eventually moved up in rank to become leader. Regardless, this sort of “downgrade” from being a promising college student with a bright future, to working in a factory is tought nonetheless. Meanwhile, his wife is still having a tough time making ends meet, selling things on the market.


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