Possible Angst, Missiles, and Invitations.

Kim Jong Un Inspects KPA Unit 842

After hearing detailed explanation about the organization and development of the unit, he saw photos of successive commanding officers of the unit and recollected with deep emotion the dedications and tireless efforts of President Kim Il Sung and leader Kim Jong Il recorded in its history.

I wonder if throughout all these tours, after hearing about how this or that unit/factory/[inspected place in North Korea] has done such and such with his father Kim, Jong-Il, and his grandfather Kim, Il-Sung, what does that do to Kim, Jong-eun‘s self-esteem?

Now, one would think he would naturally express his frustrations by hurling some missiles over Japanese airspace, but then of course, there were 60 Japanese on the invitation list to the April 15th celebration of taxes the “Sun Festival“. So if that is his plans, I’m guessing he won’t be launching missiles anytime soon, as this would probably hinder his Japanese invitees from coming.


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