Uri Minzokkiri Lets Loose on Park, Geun-Hye

North Korea’s South Korean media entity, “우리민족끼리 (Amongst Our People)” apparently doesn’t like the idea that Park, Geun-hye is leading in the poles, and felt it was necessary to mention it. Criticizing her for being the “continuing bloodline of a dictator”, because her father, Park, Chung-hee, was indeed a dictator. This also doesn’t help the fact that she, and the current president are part of the same party, which has traditionally held a hardline stance against North Korea. If anything, North Korea has on several occasions attempted assassination attempts against her father, Park, Chung-hee. Remember the last president of any country who criticized another guy for trying to kill their father?

Seriously though, although her father was ultimately assassinated by another South Korean, her mother, Yuk, Young-Soo, was actually killed by a North Korean sympathizer born in Japan. Needless to say, there is a lot of bad blood between the North and Park, Geun-hye.

The criticism of one bloodline over another, leaves one with no moral high ground to stand on. Regardless, considering Park, Geun-hye‘s personal bad history with the North, and her party’s historical position against North Korea, if she is indeed elected to the presidency, expect history to continue repeating itself.

  • North Korea will probably stop UEP suspensions, despite the food aid.
  • Lack of engagement between the two Koreas, means North Korea will continually be pushed towards China. Because China will offer some sort of aid, with less restrictions than both South Korea and the US offer.Hey, cheap energy for China, at least!
  • Can’t we all just get along?


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