PRC and ROK Rock
Following a previous incident, where a Chinese fisherman stabbed a South Korean Coast Guardsman to death, now China and South Korea are fighting over a <a href="tiny area of rocks in the middle of the Yellow Sea. Seriously? Considering the DPRK backed up South Korea’s sovereignty over Dok-do/Takeshima, what do they have to say about this this territory, considering their friendship with China, and their brethren to the South, despite how badly they hate the ROK President. I mean, they obvious like/tolerate South Korea enough to let them vaccinate 4-million North Korean children

So, what does North Korea have to say over these territorial claims? I guess it doesn’t matter, since a large population of Chinese Netizens support South Korea’s soverignty over Dok-do doesn’t matter… I suppose it’d be like asking what Japan’s view is on this whole issue…

Wow. Now that we’re passing through Dokdo/Takeshima on this trip, our final destination will be: The Spratlies.


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