F-o-o-d- Aaiidd…. Farming? HUH?!


Funny how everyone’s quick to criticize the food program, and reasonably so. However, has anyone ever suggested a scientific exchange to improve agricultural methods between the North and their respective country instead? I mean, North Korea can ask for food aid all they want, but has anyone considered bringing up an alternative? I’d like to know.

If you can have superficial visits, where ultimately a lot of talk goes on, with little action, an actual exchange might accomplish something –one would hope.

Maybe it’s a lack of trust? Are we that afraid of giving away farming technology that can leak into other fields and military industries? South Koreans who rushed in to do business with North Korea in the early 90s have lost in major investments, because the North Korean officials found any reason to shut their businesses down. In this case, laws in place didn’t help South Korean venture capitalists and entrepreneurs then.


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