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What’s interesting, is how North Korean state media has called Park, Geun-hye a lot of mean things. However, a recent Korea Society podcast has noted that shortly after the South Korean legislative elections, they have remained largely silent.

Maybe that’s just temporary, since North Korea is busy with other things…

UPDATE April 16, 2012 (a little after the Sunday Musing…)
It’s a bit past Monday, but here’s a little corollary to the video above…

Deborah Kan interviews Evan Ramsted on the recent speech.

UPDATE April 17, 2012
First 13 minutes of KJU’s first speech.

Choson Exchange’s views of the speech:

If the style was his grandfathers, the content was his dad’s. “First, second, third…in a hundred ways we must go out and strengthen the people’s army,” he said, while at the same time emphasizing that prior accomplishments meant that North Korea was safe from its enemies. “Superiority in military technology is no longer monopolized by imperialists, and the era of enemies using atomic bombs to threaten and blackmail us is forever over,” Kim said.

He threw out military terms a total of 56 times in his speech, and economic ones only 9 times, according to a count done by KBS, a South Korean broadcaster.

The telling thing is that this is very much part of Kim Jong Un’s process of finding the balance between his father and grandfather, before he can establish something of his own path. The content of his words in last couple months have seemed increasingly like Kim Jong Il, while his gregarious and relaxed manner have seemed every more like his grandfather.

Nonetheless, reminding people of the Kim Il Sung era won’t suffice for long. He will at some point have to start demonstrating the fruits of economic growth, including the material comforts that his grandfather oversaw for much of his tenure. Citizens of North Korea, for now, will go back to their daily lives, with a clearer impression of Kim Jong Un: One that he is very much the inheritor of his paternal lineage.

UPDATE April 18, 2012
Ooh… Transcripts of the entire speech…!


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