Fisherman For Refugee Updates.

NK Refugees in China and South Korea:
Remember that Chinese fisherman that stabbed the South Korean Coast Guardsmen and was subsequently sentenced to death in South Korea?

North Korean Refugees in China: There have been several news reports that China has stopped the repatriation of North Korean refugees. We suspect this may be China’s way of indicating its displeasure with North Korea over its latest provocation with the failed rocket launch. Even if it is true, China could begin repatriating refugees again at any time and this may indicate they are simply using them as leverage with North Korea. So, for us, until there is an announcement by the Chinese government that they have changed their repatriation policy and will work with the UNHCR and the government of South Korea on this issue, the campaign for the refugees must continue! If you have not yet sent an appeal to the Chinese government that they stop this brutal and inhumane policy, please consider doing it right away. Anyone can go here to find the contact information for the Chinese embassy in their country here:

UPDATE October 26, 2012
If laws mean anything to Chinese fisherman, heading towards illegal areas to fish, they should definately read this post:
The pessimist in me doubts that they really give a crap about the law until they get caught though.


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