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NK Architecture is a form of a political message?
Interesting. So, just as the 100,000-unit apartments are a symbol of the 100th Juche, and a symbol of a strong and prosperous nation. But what does it mean when they start to run out of materials? They’re so serious about this project, that they started using military workers, to college students to help contribute this as well. However, concentration on the Huichon Power Dam has diverted resources from the apartment buildings.

Speaking of political messages and propoganda:

When North Korea launched a modernization of its broadcasting network in 2011, the Chinese company chosen to supply new TV and radio transmitters to the country faced a problem.

The location of broadcast towers in North Korea is so much of a state secret that engineers from the company weren’t permitted to travel to the DPRK to help install the transmitters, the company, Beijing BBEF Science and Technology, said on its website.

Instead, eight North Korean engineers spent a month in China being trained on how to install and operate the devices, which included a medium-power TV transmitter, several shortwave radio transmitters and a powerful mediumwave (AM) radio transmitter.


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