No Money For Drug Smugglers

For those who don’t know, every North Korean refugee gets a living stipend/assistance money once they’re settled in the South. That is, unless you were a drug smuggler, that smuggled drugs made from the North into the South. Considering the fact that over 50% of drugs in South Korea are from the North, that is a pretty huge number, and pretty scary in terms of how debilitating that can be for South Korea. So, according to a new judgement, even former refugees who used to be involved with drug smuggling, can’t get government assistance:

북한에서 마약거래를 했던 전력이 있는 탈북자에게 정부가 정착지원금을 지원하지 않아도 정당하다는 판결이 나왔다.
A ruling has come out, that if the government doesn’t give assistance money to refugees, because they dealt drugs for the North, it’s completely legal.

서울고법 행정9부(재판장 조인호 부장판사)는 “탈북자 김 모씨(42)가 생계 수단으로 한 마약거래 때문에 정부가 정착지원을 하지 않는 것은 부당하다”…
Seoul’s High Court, Ninth Administrative Department (Presiding Judge: Senior Justice Cho, In-Ho) said, “It is improper to deny assistance money to Mr. Kim, a refugee, who sold drugs as a way to survive”…

Oh yeah… Seoul High Court? Your decision’s been overturned in the appeals process!


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