North Korea to attack South Korean Media

Like, physically attack. With missiles and things like that. This is in response to what South Korean media has said about North Korea’s Children Union Anniversary. Specifically, who are they targetting? KBS, MBC, SBS, and some religiously-affiliated channel no one cares about. Really? I mean, if you’re going to shoot something down, do it to the religiously-affiliated channel! Do you really want to take down a station like SBS? Afterall, it brought us the best TV drama of all time!

Luckily, they gave out the wrong coordinates:

North Korea issued one of its most direct threats yet on South Korean media outlets on Monday.

But take a closer look at those coordinates.

Those given for the Chosun Ilbo and Dong-A-Ilbo are incorrectly stated because the maximum value for minutes and seconds measurements is 60. Sixty seconds make a minute and 60 minutes make one degree.

Whew! Good to know, someone doesn’t have good math skills! I’d be really distraught if I couldn’t watch my Korean dramas! I was afraid I’d have to go do something drastic, like go outside and enjoy nature, or go watch an eclipse

UPDATE: JUNE 5th, 2012

Since KCNA’s publication of this latest threat, Evan Ramstad has picked up on this post by Martyn Williams, noting something odd about the targeted coordinates — in some cases, they list a number of minutes or seconds exceeding 60. It was immediately obvious to me where the error was — the North Koreans had taken a set of decimal degree coordinates and written them down in degree-minute-second format. It’s an easy mistake to make in Google Earth. Take the same digits and plug them in as decimal degrees, and you get a direct hit on the Chosun Ilbo

Thanks for the clear-up!


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