Chinese Journalist’s Experience at a North Korean Restaurant

For those of you who can read Chinese, here’s the original text:

Otherwise, I’ll crudely summarize it in just a few words:
He thinks the lavish decor of this restaurant is more similar to that of a 3-star hotel, and that the kimchi, in comparison to what’s available in the south, is much more bland in comparison.

Do you know how many starving children would love to get a bite of that bland North Korean kimchi? Too many. Then, he goes on complaining about the other food, and the beer, this is what he says:

惟大同江啤酒可以下嚥 (Only TaedongKang Beer is “swallowable”)

I’ve had Taedongkang Beer before. As this commercial says:

It’s good for your health! Just like ! Because it almost tastes like it.

The most freightening thing to this man, was how fast the chopsticks rained on the meat, and how it just magically dissolved away (into North Korean bellies).


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