Summer Love!
Now that the sun is out, it seems like nice weather to have a wedding in Pyongyang’s newly re-opened 창전거리(倉田/Changjon street), where those new apartments have just been set up!

For more North Korean wedding photos, click here.

Anyways, back to the sun and relatively good weather! Regardless of what the South Korea government thinks, the sun beating down on the peninsula is pretty serious –just not serious enough to stop a wedding.

I wonder what the wedding singer sang.

UPDATE June 30, 2012
With this supposed “Wedding Boom”, people are speculating it’s because the only people that get chosen for overseas labor work (Russia, China, and elsewhere), is because only married men are chosen for such jobs, and that these young men are eager to try them out. I hope they realize their remittance fees amount to 90% of their paycheck. Also, I don’t think this boom applies to the couples that were just wedded in Changjon, since that district is in Pyongyang, which is where the affluent North Koreans live. Then of course, maybe they’re doing so because they’re more well-connected, and more likely to get a job overseas?

A North Hamkyung Province source told Daily NK on the 27th, “The process of choosing expatriate workers is very sensitive, even though the only target is Pyongyang-based factory and enterprise workers.”


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