Fishing Statement

In order to protect Chinese fisherman from ever being captured by North Korean Naval forces, because Chinese fisherman ended up in North Korean waters, we now have this…

China News Agency, BeiJing, June 27 telegram (Reporter Shi, Yan) Right now, the age of fishing in restricted waters has come upon us, China’s Agricultural Ministry issued a notice, that there will be a joint PRC-DPRK crackdown on fishing boats that are operating illegally in the Eastern portion of North Korean waters.

There’s a problem with this statement. Because when they say the “East portion of Korean waters”, most people would think of “East Korea Bay”.

However, if you look at the map again:

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China’s Northeast corner doesn’t touch into Korea’s East Sea at all. So where exactly are they talking about? Well, they’re referring to the eastern reaches of the 西“West Korea Bay”:

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