Newly-built Changjon Primary School Open

The bell rang. It was the first class at the newly built Changjon Primary School. Pupils laid bouquets before the statue of President Kim Il Sung.

We could see happy faces of pupils of the 3rd class in grade 4 and their teacher Nam Yong Sim.

We also dropped in at a classroom where the children were having a computer lesson. They were learning how to handle keyboard and mouse, drawing and document editing. They seemed very much interested in the lesson.

Many of them told us of their dreams to become People’s Army men or scientists.

Kim Suk Yong, assistant schoolmistress, was filled with pride as she spoke about the successes of the teachers. They devised new teaching methods and scores of visual aid materials.

The school mistress Kim Su Bok, dual labor heroine and People’s Teacher, said; “We will always keep in mind the teaching of the respected Kim Jong Un and work to make our school an example for all the schools around the country, as we know ours is a school boasting of immortal feats of leadership of those great persons of Mt. Paektu.”

Kong Ro Hyok

Hm… Depending on the 漢, this person might be related to me!


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