First Positive GDP in 3 Years

북한경제가 3년 만에 플러스 성장세로 돌아선 것으로 추정됐다.
North Korea’s economy is estimated to be in the positive range, which is a first in the past 3 years.

한국은행은 8일 ‘2011년 북한 경제성장률 추정 결과’자료를 통해 북한의 실질 국내총생산(GDP)이 전년보다 0.8% 늘었다고 밝혔다.
The Bank of Korea revealed on the 8th, according to the ‘2011 North Korean Economic Growth Rates Results’, North Korea’s GDP is up .8% from last year.

북한의 경제성장률은 2008년 3.1%에서 2009년 -0.9%, 2010년 -0.5%로 2년 연속 마이너스를 기록했다.
North Korea’s economic growth rate were recorded at 3.1% in 2008, going to 0.9% in 2009, and 0.5% in 2010, at negative levels for 2 straight years.

Good job, currency reform! The economic growth rate is back up to .8%, almost wiping out 2009 losses! (The very year currency reforms were announced)

On another note relating to 3 years. Some people are thinking once the traditional 3-year mourning period of Kim, Jong-Il is over with, there just might be a chance of reform:

“Just put up with it for three years. The good days are coming.”

In these words, now being used by ordinary North Koreans seeking to reassure one another about the future, can be seen the desire for change from a new regime whose leader is being lauded in the official propaganda narrative as a real man of the people.

A North Hamkyung Province revealed more popular words of comfort in conversation with Daily NK yesterday, saying, “These days the people are all saying ‘although it is really late, we will be living well within five years’.”
Thanks to farm output? Hm…


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